“Love in Labor” an Intuitive Birth

By Definition
Love: An intense feeling of deep affection or emotion.
Labor: Hard physical work.
Intuitive: Using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive, natural, spontaneous, without reason or doubt.

All of these come into play in labor. When we approach anything in Love the outcome is far better then in fear or doubt. When we trust our intuition we empower ourselves naturally. As a Doula I am part of labor, and there is an instinctual respect and reverence of that birth process. No matter how many times I see the passage of labor, I never disregard the innate power that is being held and used to birth one’s child, whether they are medicated or not. Childbirth challenges us to be stronger than we thought capable. It makes us more patient and allows for growth as an individual and a family. In any journey we take in our life, whether it is physical or emotional, we have an intuitive sense that guides us. Childbirth is no different and our minds, our bodies and our babies innately know what to do. This process will empower and teach us of unconditional love and sacrifice, it will teach us what we are truly capable of and it is a powerful thing indeed! The journey to this moment will fill you with every emotion and ultimately, more love, more joy and more strength in yourself then you ever could have imagined or understood.

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