Placenta Medicine

Raw Method $250
TCM/Traditional Chinese Method $300
50/50 Method $400
Tincture $45 per 3oz. bottle

Types of Encapsulation
There are 2 types of encapsulation: the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method and the Raw Method. Some choose both, 50/50 option.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
The TCM Method is the oldest-known and most commonly used recipe for postpartum placenta preparation. The hallmark of this method is the steaming step. In TCM theory, the process of labor and birth leaves a lot of open, empty space, which is considered very yin, or cold. Therefore, one major way we can promote healing during the postpartum period is to add yang energy via heat. Raw placenta is considered extremely cold, and therefore inappropriate for extended use during the first few months after birth, unless you do well with raw in your diet already. TCM incorporates steam and warming foods (lemon, chili peppers, jalapeño) or herbs/spices (ginger, frankincense, myrrh, lemongrass, garlic, turmeric, white peony root) into the remedy, and the final result is warming and nourishing for your postpartum recovery.
Pros: Warming energy. Good for women who have had heavy bleeding, anemic or low energy

Raw Method
The RAW method is based upon, maintaining all nutrients and enzymes being ingested by minimal preparation and restricted to temperatures less than 118 degrees F. Some say that the RAW method yields a medicine with more hormones and nutrients than the TCM method.
Pros: Higher yield, higher nutrient and hormone levels. Cons: No warming energy. Can be too high in hormones for some women and can cause hormone headaches and jitters, if too many are taken at once. Average amount of capsules: 100-200

50/50 Method
For the 50/50 method, your placenta will be cut in half and one half with be processed using the TCM, while the other using the RAW method.

Placenta Tincture
Placenta tincture is made from a piece of the mother’s own placenta after birth, steeping in alcohol making a strong remedy over 6 weeks. Placenta tincture is a constitutional remedy that can be used for the mother and baby throughout her/his life. The placenta contains vitamins, minerals, hormones and stem cells so it’s a very good immune remedy. It is said that placenta tincture is used for emotional, mental and psychological instability and may also be very beneficial for treating PMS, postpartum depression and menopause. A second bottle can be made for baby to be used during puberty to reintroduce stabilizing hormones.

Placenta print art
Blood print or Art print
$50 for blood print
$100 for art print