Child Birth Education

Welcome to Love In Labor Childbirth Education! This is a day long workshop exploring and discovering your pregnant body, labor and delivery together through education, fun and evidence based care. What we will cover:

Birth Preferences: Setting a flexible but realistic plan for how you want to labor, birth, and be with your baby.  

How your senses and your hormones play a role: Relaxation techniques, Breath, Touch, Voice, Sites and Sounds.

Optimal Fetal PositioningGet to know your pelvis and your baby within and why it matters

The Journey of mind and body in Labor: A deeper look into the emotional and physical path of body and the distinctive differences from the first contraction to the last.  

Movement and Instinctual birthing: Managing your bodies process through breath, laboring positions, visualizations, comfort measures from A to Z

Hands on skills for your support team: We will learn practical comfort measures to be used by those birthing with you. Creating a trusted and safe environment for you.

Augmentations: Understanding what to expect from your Home, Birth Center or Hospital Birth. Holistic and medical augmentations including inductions and cesarean section

Positive Communication: Your body, your birth! Knowing your options and your BRAIN, communicating with your team from partner to medical staff  

Birth:  What your body is doing, what your baby is doing, what early, active, transition and pushing look like from the inside till baby/babies are born. 

Delivery:  Birthing options explained 

Fee: One on one setting for you and your birth team, not to exceed 5 adults $300 to include above education and handouts. Postpartum and lactation questions welcomed after baby’s arrival